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Servicios Metalográficos

Metallographic Services

SolCo&Cia® is a leading pioneer South American company that produces fast and reliable metallographic replications.

The company provides metallographic services in laboratories or fields with high quality equipment. Cutting, polishing, assembling and microscopic observation, are some of our services that allow us to assist with metallography, metallurgy, geology, biology and electronics.

If you or your company currently perform polishing or sampling, SolCo&Cia® provides supplies, training and specialized advisory. You will be guided during the entire process, with metallographic evaluation of the samples.

Réplicas Metalográficas

Metallographic Replications

The conditions for sampling and replication are not always as desired, tubular or curved pieces, a poor illuminated area or high risk conditions by height impede the right execution.

SolCo&Cia® has developed a technique that combines engineering and experience to achieve a perfect polish and attack, to obtain an excellent replication.

Services and supplies are available to any company that wants to make their own replications. Our team will interpret and classify the samples and return the final results and the replications obtained by the client in digital format.

If you require this integral service, our team will evaluate, execute and inform you the obtained results.

Why using replications?

• To verify the microstructure of a new equipment with laboratory precision.

• To track the metallurgical structure of the component in service with regular intervals of inspection, combined with mechanical properties studies through hardness tests and non-destructive chemical analysis.

• To follow up the evolution of the microstructure properties of a component, allowing us to have a clear and precise idea of its remanent life and evaluate the reparation/recuperation possibilities of it.

• To identify the origin and nature of a fracture or a crack. The welding or material defects, caused by material fatigue or cracks by low tension corrosion, detection of material fluency in order to immediately implement an elimination plan, controlling the causes and origin of the failure or defect.

• Evaluate the possible metallurgic damages caused by industrial incidents and the clear determination if is possible to continue operating, the necessity of the component replacing, repairing or recovering.

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Metalografía en Terreno

Metallography on the Field

If you are looking for metallography on field, our services include polishing, etching and obtaining digital micrography and a complete report of the results on the field. Images can be stored and shared electronically to be evaluated by different professionals worldwide.

SolCo&Cia® has field specialist that provide immediate services, obtaining fast and efficient results.

Recubrimiento HVOF, HVAF y Arc Spray

HVOF, HVAF Cover and Arc Spray

We perform metalic and ceramic coverings that are highly resistant to different agents such as abrasion, corrosion, erosion and metal-metal friction.

Our SolCo&Cia® procedures allow us also to recover dimensionally different type of pieces, axes, shirts, bushings, endless propellers, needles, mirrors, blades, among others.

Reparaciones en Celulosa

Reparation in Cellulose

We inspect, repair and metalize, mechanize and balance turbines and energy generator equipment parts.

We count with special iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, titanium and other alloys. In SolCo&Cia® is possible to realize all the welding procedures with consumables and last generation equipment.

Also, ovens and equipment for controlled thermal treatments are available.

Reparaciones en Generadores de Energía Hidroeléctrica

Hydroelectric Energy Generators Repair

We perform all the procedures necessary to diagnose and repair hydroelectric energy generators, from the inspection to the turbines balancing and the energy generator pieces.

Special alloy welding in iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, titanium and more. Ovens and equipment for controlled thermal treatments and its process using last generation equipment makes SolCo&Cia® the best alternative for solving high complexity requirements.

Análisis de Falla

Failure Analysis

Our professional and technical team are highly qualified and have a vast experience in failure analyzing, they will conclude the probable causes based on technical, mechanical, metallurgical and design studies.

Being SolCo&Cia® an external company, gives us the perfect objective position that allows us to recommend and execute solutions oriented to eliminate the problem that caused the failure.

Evaluación, Procedimientos y Calificación

Evaluation, Proceedures and Qualification

The national and international industry requires standard parameters for welding, metallization and repair. In SolCo&Cia® we use the methodology and procedures necessary to achieve this and other requirements.

• Suppliers evaluation, detailed quality inspection of welding, metallic materials and polymers used in engineering. Our goal is to diminish costs for low quality, reprocess and rejection.

• Welding procedures according to ASME IX, API 650, API 1104, AWS D1.1, AWS D 1.6 codes.

• Welders qualification according to ASME IX, API 650, API 1104, AWS D1.1, AWS D 1.6 codes.

We also develop and qualify procedures, welders and welding inspectors.

Our procedures fulfil AWS, ASME, API codes, guaranteeing your company to be within worldwide standards.

Inspección de Soldaduras

Welding Inspections

We inspect welding and manufacture works according to your requirements.

Our certified and qualified technicians will support your daily quality control and final product development.

We also carry out non-destructive inspection, such as visual inspection, penetrating tinctures application, magnetizable particles, ultrasound and gammagraphy.

Our metallurgic laboratory allows us to provide chemical and metallographic services, hardness tests, tenacity and traction resistance.

  • Servicios Metalográficos

    Metallographic Services

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  • Réplicas Metalográficas

    Metallographic Replications

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  • Metalografía en Terreno

    Metallography on the Field

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  • Recubrimiento HVOF, HVAF y Arc Spray

    HVOF, HVAF Cover
    and Arc Spray

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  • Reparaciones en Celulosa

    in Cellulose

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  • Reparaciones en Generadores de Energía Hidroeléctrica

    Hydroelectric Energy
    Generators Repair

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  • Análisis de Falla


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  • Evaluación, Procedimientos y Calificación

    Evaluation, Proceedures
    and Qualification

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  • Inspección de Soldaduras


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